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The Seattle Arts Tech Meetup is partnering with Code for Seattle and Independent Sector to co-host a hackathon as part of this year’s Public Policy Action Institute

What happens when artists and technologists team up to generate positive social impact? What is "civic engagement" and how can art and technology become a forum to enable it? How can art and technology improve our understanding of the places we live and the challenges that we face together? 

Attend the Nov. 15 Art + Civics + Code Hackathon to collaborate on a variety of projects that address contemporary issues in public life. This event is an experiment in supporting collaborative, cross-discipline projects that not only generate creative ideas for the Seattle community but also inspire civic leaders from across the country to re-think how nonprofits, governments and volunteers can leverage art and technology to benefit society. 

Project and topic ideas:  
Participatory or collaborative art, critical interventions, projection mapping, data visualization, generative art, privacy and surveillance, public art

Interested in pitching a project? 
If you have a relevant project and would like to lead a team to work on it during the hackathon, please submit it here: http://goo.gl/forms/BcxB8ufho7

More info: