Art + Tech: How Tech is Disrupting the Art World

  • Winston Wachter Fine Art 203 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98109 United States

Join us at Winston Wachter Fine Art!

Julia Fryett (Founder, Aktionsart) will be speaking on a panel focused on art and tech,
organized by General Assembly and 4 Culture.

Art + Tech: How Tech is Disrupting the Art World

This event will delve into how technology is disrupting the art world and creating new pathways for the evolution of art and design.

General Assembly has put together a line up of creative individuals that work in the intersection of art and technology to chat about the way technology is:

  • transforming the way we perceive and define art
  • providing new opportunities for creation and innovation
  • forming disruptive marketplaces, allowing for greater access and distribution
  • shaping the future of the art world
  • + more....

Stick around after for drinks and mingling after with fellow artists, designers, creatives and innovators!

About the Instructors

Omri Mor
Co-founder and CEO, ZIIBRA

Omri founded ZIIBRA in 2011 with the goal of helping artists turn their creative projects into full-time gigs. He has become renowned for his email-slaying skills and tireless attention to design and product. When he's not in the office, you can find him picking up a new record to listen to, eating copious amounts of sushi, or cheering for his alma mater, the University of Washington.

Coldbrew Collective

Coldbrew Collective is a Seattle-based multimedia art group founded in 2013 by Bobby Azarbayejani and Aashish Gadani. Coldbrew's work bridges the divide between analog and digital, using analog hardware to process their custom-written video software. The duo writes their software in Processing, Openframeworks, and low-level GPU programming languages. Their work is split between live audio-visual performances and VHS and digital releases. Coldbrew currently holds residencies at event series such as analog techno night Motor and all-cassette DJ night Hisssssss.

Andy Arkley
LET'SThe Bran Flakes

Andy Arkley is 1/3 of the interactive sound and light sculpture trio, LET'S and a member of the sample collage duo, The Bran Flakes. His work has been shown at Pictoplasma - Berlin, SOIL Gallery, Bumbershoot, The Hedreen Gallery, The Seattle Art Museum and Gallery4Culture. He has a BA from The Evergreen State College where he focused on animation and art.

Julia Fryett

Julia Fryett is a curator and cultural entrepreneur focused on art, film and tech. ased in Seattle, she works to cultivate engaged communities who think creatively and critically about technology and digital culture. She fuses the arts, emerging technologies and entrepreneurial business methodologies to develop visionary projects that drive social innovation. ulia is the founder of Aktionsart, a new art and technology nonprofit, where she consults for businesses, oversees strategic partnerships and programs including Black Box Festival.