AKT1 is our first TRANS/PORT project in Seattle.

TRANS/PORT is a nomadic exhibition program that imports and exports new media art into public and private spaces. This program brings art to diverse audiences in locations outside of traditional museums and galleries.

AKT1 is a permanent, mobile home for tech-based art. It is a svelte, twenty-foot shipping container, generously donated by the Seattle Design Center and ShelterKraft Werks.

In January 2015, AKT1 will begin a journey through our partner network.

DATES: January - April, 2015

4365 6th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA, 98107



February 2015

Leo Nuñez 

Leo will show a site-specific version of Dispersiones:

An installation that explores the possibility of enabling a space with a complete system of automatous agents. This work examines sonic relations formed by nodes that are joined by lines. Each node and line are made of musical nodes made by miniature electrical elements. Each element in the work interacts with the other elements that constitute the work, and Dispersions refers to the paradigms of scientific complexity and their establishment within Chaos Theory. 

Public Reception: February 18, 7:30 - 9:30
Event Details: Art and the Americas
RSVP: Seattle Arts & Technology Meetup