Seattle Startup Week: 4-Minute Arts Tech Talks

  • Kremwerk 1809 Minor Avenue Seattle, WA, 98101 United States

Seattle Arts & Technology Meetup

Open Floor: 4-Minute Talks

We've partnered with Seattle Startup Week and Kremwerk to organize a Seattle Arts & Technology meetup and give YOU the stage (literally, a stage) to talk about whatever you want, within the realm of art and tech, for a max of four minutes.

Ideas: recent projects you've been working on, ideas, manifestos, speeches, how your organization/business is creatively using tech, or perhaps simply introduce yourself and tell us about what type of people you are interesting in meeting or collaborating with through this group.

6:30 - 6:45 // Arrive at venue and sign up for a slot, send images
6:45 - 8:15 // Talks
8:15 - 9 // Socialize 

Each presenter may bring one image to share during their talk. Transfer the file to us from your phone/laptop/etc when you arrive and sign up.

Happy hour drinks will be on special at the bar. 

If you want to stay for the show at 9PM, please make a donation toward the ticket price ($12) at the door when you arrive.

Check out the Seattle Startup Week events, running all week long.

Thanks to Aashish and Bobby from Coldbrew Collective for hooking up the venue,
and thanks to Austin at Kremwerk for hosting!

October 15
13 Chambers
November 5
Electric Fields