Out of Sight


home/page is the film, video and new media art program curated by Julia Fryett for Out of Sight - an annual survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest, organized in partnership with the Seattle Art Fair.

Out of Sight
King Street Station, Seattle

August 4 - 28, 2016

Out of Sight inhabits 21,000 sq ft in King Street Station.

Out of Sight inhabits 21,000 sq ft in King Street Station.


Curatorial Statement

This is a program for the artists not in this program. 

It's a template for possibility.

Knee-waist-neck deep in curatorial research for Out of Sight, I found myself enveloped in a profound and invisible history of Pacific Northwest Art: hundreds of video and new media artists working beneath the surface. With limited exhibition opportunities, institutional, and patron support, they face the distinct possibility of vanishing.

Yet, these artists bypass tendencies toward isolationism by domesticating technology. 

Devices, platforms, and networks become homes.

Ideas mystically mutate into live broadcasts and live streams.

A digital deer makes autonomous decisions and navigates the landscape of Grand Theft Auto, free art schools pop up in garages, and conceptual karaoke music videos consider whether the Beach Boys and Francis Bacon have anything in common.

home/page is a document of hidden places - basements, static, websites, electric fields, oceans, hoodies, microbes, streets... places that ask us how to erase, rewire, and hack our way beyond Art.

Julia Fryett
August 2016


Mel Carter
home school (Manuel Arturo Abreu, Victoria Anne Reis)
Leena Joshi
Allison Kudla & Kevin Scott
D.K. Pan & Abigail J. Swanson
Poetic Operations Collaborative (Micha Cárdenas, Patrisse Cullors, Chris Held, Edxie Betts, Kate Sohn, Josefina Garcia Turner, Emma Waverly, Ben Klunker)
Portland Immersive Media Group
Norie Sato
Hanita Schwartz
Chun Shao
Rick Silva
Brent Watanabe
Weird Allan Kaprow (Erin Charpentier, Travis Neel, Sharita Towne, Zachary Gough)


eros is a creature against whom no technology avails, 2016
Multi-channel video installation
Dimensions variable

Hairs, 2012
Single-channel video with amplified audio,
1 minute 48 seconds

A selection of archived home school streams, 2015–16
Video program, 10 hours 7 minutes

Contemporaneity: building a better white supremacy, Class #2
April 10, 2015,
56 minutes 36 seconds

Artist Talk by Demian DinéYazhi
May 29, 2016
128 minutes, 20 seconds

Marble: a talk by Jasmine Nyende,
June 26, 2016
68 minutes 30 seconds

The Griot, The Parrhesiac, The Cannibal, The Oversharer, The Artist, The Realest: a triad by Devin Kenny
July 10, 2016,
76 minutes 1 second

Project Space Industrial Complex, Class #1 by Carmen Denison, Eleanor Ford, Chloe Thompson, and Devin Ruiz
July24, 2016
176 minutes 26 seconds

A Talk by damali ayo
July 31, 2016
101 minutes 5 seconds

go in (plant life), 2016
Single-channel video
3 minutes 53 seconds

The Hacker, 2016
Lightbox with photograph and audio
62 x 42 x 5 in.

Gift of Unseen Stigmatics, 2016
Book, single-channel video,
5 minutes

Unstoppable Kevlar Dress, 2016
Fabric, kevlar
Dimensions variable

Local Autonomy Networks Hoodie, 2013
Fabric, electronics Dimensions variable

VR Spa, 2016
Mixed media, immersive media, Unity 3D

Video Horizon, 1976/2016
CRT monitors, string, mirror, sand
Dimensions variable

Water Sign, 2015
Single-channel video
3 minutes 3 seconds

Cleaning Francois Halard video suite: The Douchess of Devonshire, Cy Twombly, Casa Malaparte, David Hockney, Hotel Lambert, 2016
Single-channel video,
1 minute 24 seconds

Karaoking the Museum, 2014
Single-channel video program

Continents, 4 minutes 38 seconds Greenberg, 2 minutes 51 seconds Imagine, 3 minutes 7 seconds
I Wanna Make Art with Somebody, 4 minutes 22 seconds
Let’s Light a Candle, 3 minutes 38 seconds
The Cobbler, 3 minutes 59 seconds Friends with Low Faces,3 minutes 26 seconds
KOKOMO, 3 minutes 58 seconds
Piece of My Art, 4 minutes 15 seconds Oregonian Museums, 3 minutes
They Want It Back, 3 minutes 31 seconds

San Andreas Deer Cam, 2015–present
Twitch livestream installation

Special Event


VR for Artists

Live Q&A with Portland Immersive Media Group
Saturday, August 6
4 - 5PM

A session discussing grant writing for VR, "externalizing" virtual reality for galleries and exhibition space, pipeline, group dynamics, and process, as well as Unity 3D as an keystone app of digital content creation.

Out of Sight

Out of Sight returns to the third floor of the historic King Street Station for its annual survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest. With a new curatorial and production team, we are poised to mount a landmark exhibition reflecting the diversity and breadth of creativity that activates this region.

Running concurrent and adjacent to the Seattle Art Fair, we will populate over 21,000 square feet with new directions, bold visions, and emerging talents.

2016 Curatorial Team

Greg Lundgren: Exhibition Producer & Curator
Sierra Stinson: Exhibition Producer & Curator
Minh Nguyen: Curator
Julia Fryett: Film, Video & New Media Art Curator
Beth Sellars: Installation Curator
Molly Sides: Dance & Performance Curator
Scott Lawrimore: Exhibition Caretaker
Justen Waterhouse: Exhibition Manager

Black Box, Amplified


Dear Friends, Collaborators, Supporters & Colleagues,

I’m thrilled to announce an amplified commitment to the vision of Black Box in 2016! 

This year, the festival will incorporate a broader conceptual framework, energetic partner program format, and expanded online project site.

Aligned closely with Aktionsart’s mission, Black Box is designed to remain in permanent beta mode. The festival is responsive and adaptive to the transitory nature of emerging technologies and the shifting landscape of contemporary art. Each year, the festival format evolves through the continuous development of institutional, curatorial and corporate partnerships.

The core changes outlined below are a direct result of audience and participant feedback from past festivals, collectively illustrating an urgent community demand for substantial arts and technology programming.


You asked us to move the dates and we listened! The new festival is shorter, tighter, and will take place in the fall. 

Black Box 3.0: September 21 - October 2, 2016

Conceptual Framework

Black Box explores how digital media and emerging technologies are transforming the arts, culture, and public life. Since 2014, the festival has been situated within the Seattle International Film Festival and focused on contemporary artists who expand the language of cinema.

Due to thriving community demand for arts and technology programming, the festival is expanding beyond the previous emphasis on film and cinema. This context has proved to be an unnecessary restraint.

Black Box is now simply an international arts and technology festival.

This new framework presents extraordinary opportunities to support projects that move across a myriad of disciplines. The festival will continue to present film and video work, but will incorporate a more diverse slate of programs that seamlessly integrate visual art, media, music, sound, performance, architecture, design, fashion, and more.

There is no overarching festival theme beyond the umbrella of “arts and technology”, which is intentionally open. Key concepts will emerge from the open call and unfold through festival and partner programs, exhibitions, screenings, projects, discussions, workshops, installations, performances, and hybrid formats. Attention will be closely paid to intellectually rigorous and socially urgent ideas, emerging technologies, and experimental projects that present new modes of creating and thinking. Black Box is a place for creative and critical ideas.

Technology disrupts the arts, but how do the arts disrupt technology? What is the role of artist and creator in an increasingly mechanized world? How can artists leverage new tools to produce, distribute, create access, and build audiences for their work? How does technological innovation and disnovation shape public life?

Partner Program

Black Box will continue to closely collaborate with a selective partner network of Seattle’s most adventurous businesses, organizations, and institutions.

For the first time, Black Box is initiating an open call for artists, projects, venues, and partner programs. There is abundant creative energy brewing below the surface of Seattle, and I expect that this open call will release untapped talent, resources, and opportunity.

Online Project Site

Last year, the Black Box online program - Fullscreen - presented new video and digital art, streaming content, mobile, and interactive projects. The site received over 25,000 visits in just a four week period. This program will continue to develop in 2016, transporting the festival to audiences around the world.

I founded Black Box with the intention of building an international platform for new work and ideas from the most creative, talented and innovative artists, designers, engineers, curators, technologists, hackers, and makers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Already an indispensable element of Seattle’s ecosystem, Black Box continues to be a vital barometer for our burgeoning arts and tech environment. 

The rippling effects of Aktionsart and Black Box throughout the community are markedly visible. Thanks to our invaluable partners, volunteers and advocates for your support over the past two years! I greatly look forward to seeing what transpires at Black Box 3.0.

The open call for artists, venues, and partner program proposals is now live. Review the opportunities and guidelines to determine which application is most appropriate for your participation, then be sure to submit it by 5PM PST on May 31, 2016:


Julia Fryett
Founder, Aktionsart